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Hiker Trailer

Custom Teardrop Trailers

Hiker Trailer is filling a need for high quality, lightweight, and affordable trailers to help people experience the outdoors in a comfortable and economic way. Using the best materials available in the RV industry, we offer a wide-selection of teardrop trailers known as Hikers.

I love my Hiker!!! I have had it for a month and I have spent about ten nights in it. I really enjoy sleeping in my Hiker instead of setting up a tent, getting wet in the rain, looking for misc things. So many perks to owning a teardrop.
— Marshall S
We’ve had so much fun with the teardrop so far. We traveled cross country from Denver, Colorado back to TN and take it other places as well. It will get some miles under it for sure. Hiker Trailer…. Thank you for such an awesome product!
— Megan C